As we just celebrated Labor Day, and most of us enjoyed a day of good times with family, it is time to reflect on the fruits of our labor.  Whether you work in a job that requires physical labor, or your job puts you in comfortable chair in an air conditioned office, Labor Day is the day of appreciation for your labor.  It’s nice that there is a day to remind us all to appreciate the hard work of all of those around us, and to feel appreciated for our own hard work.  But after our relaxing day off with our families, it’s back to the construction site, or the firehouse, or the salt mines, or the cubicle.  Home ownership offers daily appreciation without having to wait another year to recognize the fruits of your labor.

Labor Day also is known for great retail sales in just about every marketplace, where some will spend their money on necessities, luxuries, and impulse purchases that they don’t need.  Others will spend what they must on the necessities for their families, while sticking to a disciplined budget to save and invest toward their goal of homeownership.  There is no greater reward for your labors than owning your own home.

Your home can be the place to raise your family.  It can be a place that you improve upon and enjoy the benefits now, as well as when you sell your home.  It can be a stepping stone to a bigger and better home, or a second home, or many homes.

So as we’ve just celebrated this great American holiday, think of your American dream and what your hard work can accomplish.  By saving, investing, budgeting wisely, and keeping your goal in site, may your labors be fruitful.  Thank you for your hard work and labor.

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